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  • What are Lash Extensions?
    We extend your natural lashes ONE by ONE, by attaching synthetic lashes using premium adhesive.
  • What is Lash Extensions made of?
    We use the highest quality of lashes in the market. All of our lashes made from cruelty- free and safe plastic. You probably have heard about mink and silk lashes etc. they are all made from plastic.
  • What types of Lash Extension are there?
    CLASSIC EXTENSIONS We attach 1 extension to 1 of your natural lash. A full classic set covers around 100-150 lashes per eye depending on your natural lashes. VOLUME EXTENSIONS We attach multiple extensions to 1 of your natural lash using our fanning techniques. Our techniques guarantee correct placements and the use of correct length and thickness to ensure the health of your natural lashes. For example: 3D set: 3 extensions attached to 1 natural lashes 5D set: 5 extensions attached to 1 natural lashes 7D set: 7 extensions attached to 1 natural lashes Mega Set: 15-20 extensions attached to 1 natural lashes. Dont worry, the extensions we use for this set is of 0.03 in thickness - extremely light and thin. HYBRID EXTENSIONS: we mix half Classic and half Volume (Dimension of your choice) extensions in a set to give more textures to your lash set.
  • What curls are there and how to choose your perfect curl?
    From B curl to DD/D+ curl, we have everything we need to make sure you find what's perfect for you. We offer consultation for every client before we start our appointment. You just need to book and show up. Leave the rest to our experts. We especially love customizing unique sets for our clients including some color pop in our lash set.
  • ​How long does a lash extension appointment take?
    1.5-2hrs depending on which set you choose and whether you have more or less natural lashes.
  • How long do lash extensions last?
    2-3 weeks minimum until Refill is needed.
  • Are Lash Extensions painful?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT! Not during, not after, not ever. Correct lash extensions are not supposed to hurt you in anyway. If you feel pain, irritations, discomfort while you brush, we suggest a change of lash artist and make sure you research before committing.
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