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Y.K. Beauty Bar was founded by Yuka Nguyen. Yuka’s lifelong pleasure is making people feel good about themselves - and eyelashes was her first step. Yuka is known for her gentle touch and absolute honesty when it comes to taking care of her clients. 

Y.K. Beauty Bar is committed to sourcing unique and innovative products for eyelash applications and overall beauty. Every product is hand selected and personally tested to ensure the highest quality is met. We encourage and assist our network of trained professionals to continue our legacy of quality through training and product selection.

Quality is at the heart of everything we offer. This is why we tirelessly strive to offer products that last longer, look better, and truly ‘wow’ the most discerning of clientele.


We believe in building a community of skilled lash doctors, not only to deliver the most beautiful lash work but also take great care of our clients' lash health. Our educational focus is driving each of our students to dream bigger, work smarter, and give the highest quality lash service imaginable with the most gentle touch. 

Yuka - CEO
Certified Educator
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